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The Fox Classic hunter are lead-free bullets designed for all hunting situations that an European hunter can experience, from a close distance shot on a wild boar on a driven hunt, to an extremely long shot on a gams in the high mountains. Bullets are lead-free and are made of copper- zinc alloy. The selected material provides an adequate deformation even at a lower impact velocities (500 m/s).

The grooves on the bullet reduce the contact surface between the bullet and the rifle barrel, which reduce the pressure and increase the speed. The degree of deformation is determined by the depth of the hole at the top of the bullet. The tip is made of thermo-stable plastic that increases the ballistics as well as the terminal effect.

At the impact, the bullet deforms into a mushroom shape of a double off the diameter off the caliber. A controlled and rapid expansion enables an effective transfer of energy from the bullet to the body of the game. All this together provide an extraordinary stopping effect, while at the same time keeps the games meat undamaged.

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Fox Classic hunter features

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Mushroom deforming effect

When impacting the target, the top of the bullet deforms into a mushroom form with the approximately double diameter of the bullet caliber. In this way the bullet ensures enough damage to take the animal down, but at the same time provides high meat preservation.

Under normal conditions of penetration the bullet retains more than 95% of its mass. If the shot is placed in the chest area, the game is usually taken down instantly or makes a short run with highly visible blood trace left behind.

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Every package contains 50 Classic hunter bullets.

All the packaging components are reciclable. Respect the nature! Recycle the empty packaging.


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